Paper Sizes

Most of the drawings nowadays are viewed from the  screens of laptops, tablets and more and more from the screens of mobile phones. So why do we still issue the drawings to paper standards A1, A3. And even A0. Every single time I issue the hardcopy drawings to client, this picture comes to my mind. A sock image of two old white dudes, who clearly have nothing to do with construction have A1 drawing in their hands looking at something. 


But there are more and more stock images of the construction workers with gadgets. Which is a very positive indicator that  industry is changing for better. 

At FatFacades I'm still fighting my colleagues to produce all drawing on A3. Because I know for a fact that even if the drawing is issued on A1, it will be presented to the end user (a construction worker) on A3. So why do we bother? At the moment at least try to make A1 drawing readable on A3. 

CAD and BIM technologies evolved but they still have paper as the final output of design. The font, lineweight and colour are chosen with paper in mind. We are missing out so much on what technology has to offer.